Masternode Hosting.

Made Simple.

Node Forge is a multi-cloud blockchain infrastructure and masternode hosting platform that makes deploying and scaling node-based systems effortless, with stunningly simple setup workflows, automated maintenance, and powerful tools.

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The Node Forge Platform

Fully Hosted

We completely handle all the necessary setup, support, maintenance, and updates on your hosted masternodes. It’s all included!

Analytics Engine

Real-time data on masternode payments, performance, and health of your masternodes in a clean and customizable dashboard.

Powerful Reporting

Configurable and exportable reports on earnings, including tax reports, making compliance a snap.

Fair Pricing

Cheap neutral rates based only on system requirements of your node, not on generated return or value of digital assets. We do not believe in predatory pricing schemes!

Flexible Notifications

A robust notification and alerting system to let you know the status of your masternodes anywhere, any time via integrations with Slack, Discord, E-Mail, and more.

Simple Payment Options

Convenient recurring monthly billing system and flexible payment options, including Credit Cards, ACH, and Cryptocurrency (coming soon)

Fast And Easy Setup

No extensive setup or technical expertise required. All node setups include easy to understand graphical step-by-step instructions.


You keep control of your assets at all times, in your own wallet. We will NEVER request your private key.




A powerful platform and dashboard for effortless

provisioning, management and reporting of all your

masternodes - all in one place.

Network Support



Agent Node (Main Net)
20,000 NULS required



Core Channel Node
200,000 ALEPH Minimum required



Mining Masternode
10,000 MAN required



Validator Masternode
100,000 MAN required



5,000 FSN Minimum required



DCRM Working Node
15,000 ANY required



Super Node
500 ZEN required



100,000 SYS required

About Node Forge

Roger Sutton


Andrew Stock


Martin Romero


Kevin Hamilton


Derrick Phang

Community Manager

Node Forge is designed from the ground up to be the platform that anyone can use, with features, reliability, and security that blockchain node operators demand. Our cloud hosted masternodes are fully automated, extremely affordable and deploy in seconds. Included with every masternode is a suite of powerful tools like customizable earnings reports, a portfolio-wide 'at a glance' dashboard to monitor and manage your nodes, and node health reporting and transaction alerts right to your smartphone.

Node Forge Roadmap

Node Forge Development Archive
  • RELEASED May 11, 2018

    Community Creation and Social Media

    Discord, Twitter and Facebook

  • RELEASED June 30, 2018

    Website Launch

    Web development, mission statement, design, meet the team, email subscription list and mobile compatible.

  • 2019


    Masternode Engine Development

    Account creation, customer portal, automated masternode provisioning, wallet integration, billing and subscription, notification system, exportable reports, dashboard development.

  • COMPLETED MARCH 31, 2019

    Internal Testing

    Invite-only Alpha and quality assurance.

  • COMPLETED MAY 11, 2019

    Closed Beta

    Initial support for: NULS, ZEN, MAN, SYS, PUREX, BITG, MAG and WIRE.

  • COMPLETED MAY 31, 2020

    Open Beta

    Preliminary public access to Node Forge Platform. Open public registration.

  • COMPLETED MAY 31, 2020

    Public Release

    Official public announcement of the Node Forge system.

  • 2020 Forward

    WAVE 2: Prospective Network Support

    Anticipated ETH, ALEPH, NVT, XDCE, TRAC, PIVX, LINK, XTNC (List is subject to change).

  • 2020 Forward

    Ongoing Development

    Additional coin support, additional reporting options, additional charting features, tax reporting, industry partnerships, website API, cryptocurrency payment option, mobile app.